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About HCHS

Mission Statement  


The mission of Habersham Central High School is to provide students with high-content, engaging schoolwork.
Habersham Central High School will be a school focused on equipping students with the knowledge and skills needed to be responsible, productive members of their communities. Administrators will support, and teachers will employ, diverse methods to help students reach their fullest potential to become well-rounded citizens of character.
  1. Positive development of students is the shared responsibility of the home, school, and the community.
  2. Students have the right to a safe, healthy environment.
  3. Learning is most productive when everyone is actively engaged through effective instruction and a quality curriculum.
  4. Students learn best in a caring, encouraging environment where expectations are high and everyone is treated with dignity and respect.
  5. Each student has choices and is responsible for the consequences of those choices.
  6. All students need to experience success.
  7. All students can learn and must be provided the opportunity to reach their full potential.
  8. Learning is a lifelong process.
  9. Continuous evaluation of the total school program is essential for the success of our mission.


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New HCHS Address


Habersham Central High School

2059 State Hwy 197 S.

Mount Airy, GA  30563