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2022-2023 School Supply Lists

HCHS Supply List 2022-2023


All Core Subject Classes (Math, Science, English/Literature, Social Studies)

Notebook paper

1 college ruled spiral notebook

3-ring notebook/divider tabs for 3-ring notebook

Mechanical pencils

Pens (blue or black)

Highlighters (any color)

Dry Erase markers

Color pencils

Lined index cards

Most math courses require the following calculator: TI30XS Multiview

Geometry students - protractor and compass

Algebra I and Algebra II students - graphing paper

AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP Environmental Science students - Please check the College Board website for information regarding the type of calculator that will be needed.

Individual teachers may also elect to have additional materials that are needed for their specific courses.

**Very helpful to have on hand - Kleenex tissues and hand sanitizer